Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog…


Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Dog… I turned my friend into a Minecraft dog! He had to be by my side and help me fend off mobs attacking me but he could not …



  1. This is kind of a short film that has different kinds of emotions… ngl, it’s so much fun and entertainment.

  2. Video ideas: Everytime you destroy a block a random thing drops
    Everytime you kill a mob it drops something random

  3. Dream: l took a fish
    George: You don't need it l only can feed you
    Me: shut up he is dream

  4. Hey I know this is not a very good idea if you have not done this but can you make dream a Fox next if you see this just like it or you can just do nothing. I really love your videos. Goodbye.

  5. 13:30 dream: jumps down
    George: what are you doing
    Dream: im fine:)
    2 seconds later
    Dream: heal me
    George: here you go
    Dream: Moooreee

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